Children and the T.V.

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The purpose of this essay is to explore how parents and teachers can manage viewing practices and what choices parents can have to replace T.V. in their preschooler's life. We have to continue to the public awareness about what T.V. programs are appropriate for kids. There are certain T.V. programs that are "bad" for certain age groups, but at the same time, there are other programs which help educate kids for the better. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to guide preschoolers to understand that there are other choices than a just a black box - T.V. This awareness should start at an early stage of the preschoolers, because the choices they make will grow into them.

Instead of always flipping the channel to an educational program, parents and teachers can take their preschoolers to places where they can actually experience the education. Places like the museum, science center, zoo are great! As a matter of fact, these places were built primarily as a focus for kids.

They are not only educational, but are also fun and interesting! Therefore, it's easy to see that sitting in front of a black box may be educational at some extent but actually being present in an education environment is much different as for better.

Alternatively, parents and teachers can divert their preschooler's attention from the T.V. by playing education games with them. Educational games such as puzzles, computer games, word search are great. If these games are played in a group, preschoolers will enjoy it more and will divert their attention from the T.V. It is said by many people that kids learn from adults, so if adults limit their time spent watching T.V. it will tell the preschoolers that they don't always have...