Children And Television

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The development of a child is shaped by early life experiences a child undergoes. It's important for children to begin to interact with people, specifically their parents, early in their childhood. This is important for children's development, especially with the socialization of the child. With television and other media technology, children are interacting less with their parents and other children. This is effecting their development, causing them to become aggressive, and have several behavioral problems. Television has also distorted reality for children, desensitized them, amongst many other impacts it's had on them.

Media violence is one main problem that has been effecting children. Media violence has made children more violent, desensitized and aggressive. The problem begins with television availability. Majority of all entertainment programming contains violence, and 73% of these violent scenes show the perpetrators of violence un-punished. Another problem is the parents. A typical child watches approximately twenty-eight hours of television a week.

It is said, that by the time a person is eighteen, they will have viewed sixteen thousand simulated murders and two hundred thousand acts of violence. The corporations which produce media violence and distribute it, believe it is "giving the public what it wants."� Children are exposed to media violence very early on into their childhood. At six months of age, a child will attend to a children's television program about 50% of the time. The percentage goes up to 78% by the time the child is only two years old. AT three years of age, a child will attend 95% of the time to a children's show. At five years of age, a child on average will watch two and a half hours and during adolescence it remains between two and three hours.

Negative effects television has on children: Television has several negative effects which...