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Divorce is on of the most painful and unwelcome public topics one can address in our society. When a marriage is not working and there is a breakdown in communication, common goals or trust, many times this will result in a divorce, which can be a painful process, even more so when there are children involved.

The laws make it easy for people to divorce on grounds of "no fault, or irreconcilable differences". Most parents who are divorcing are so consumed with their own problems that they do not prepare their children for the divorce, causing the children to become confused and insecure.

Parents will "use" the children against the other parent as means to get what they want or to vent their hurt feelings about the break up. Divorced parents diminish the strength of their families by rejecting each other. This alienation of family members weakens the child's ability to value commitment to the family and themselves.

Most children of divorced parents see only one of their parents every other week. Over time, the child may not see the other parent altogether.

Divorce is a very agonizing experience, not only among parents themselves, but among their children as well. It can cause feelings of depression, anger, despair, anticipation, and economic hardships.

More and more families are having marital problems resulting in divorce and this leads children to often require outside help in adjusting and continuing life in a healthy household. At times, family counselors, therapists, and social workers are required to assist families and especially help children to cope during these difficult times. With the help of these individuals, it is possible that children will grow up more capable of developing their own healthy relationships in the long run.

During this confusing period of turmoil and high emotional intensity,