Children of an Idle mind- Part 1

Essay by final_fantasy August 2004

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Occasionally, we all dream sweet dreams. Most times, however, we don't understand the bizarre scribbling that our unconscious mind is capable of cooking up, yet we act as if nothing strange ever goes on in our sleep. Yet, weird stuff does happen while our minds are not awake. I too tried to deny it at first, but it eventually caught up with me, just as it will with you ... sooner or later.

It all started on a miserable December day, with the dry branches of the leafless forests waving in the wind. They were not waving a goodbye nor were they waving a welcome; yet it was more of an indifferent gesture of acknowledgement with which they greeted the weary citizens of an old metropolis; no, rather it was a town, for a city it had not been in quite some time. As a matter of fact, there hadn't been much life in this town ever since the gold mines, which fueled the once bustling area, had died down.

Today the new generations have moved off to more prosperous areas and the old town remains silent as if resting from its once hectic lifestyle. Not a sound could be heard in the tired streets, except for the murmurs of laughter, which occasionally echoed through time and ricocheted off the gray houses where happy children once played.

It is here that chance has brought me ... or was this fate? I can't really remember it was too long ago. Nevertheless, here I am, in a town forgotten by the rest of civilization where a dreary dusk seems to engulf each passing day.

In this lethargic atmosphere I noticed that more and more of my time is spent sleeping. I mean what else can I do besides sleep? At least in...