Where Are The Children By Mary Higgins Clark Test

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Name________________________________ Period_______ Date_______________ Match Each Letter With The Correct Response. Some Answers Are Used More Than Once.

1. _____ the Lasch's house keeper a. Fran Simmons 2. _____ Molly Lasch's high school b. a miniature statue 3. _____ father was involved in money scam c. the Lasch's study 4. _____ Gary Lasch's father d. Jenna Whitehall 5. _____ Gary Lach's mistress e. Cal Whitehall 6. _____ Molly Lasch's best friend f. Dr. Peter Black 7. _____ Molly Lasch's lawyer g. Annamarie Scalli 8. _____ Fran Simmons' boss h. Philip Matthews 9. _____ the name of Fran's company i. Gus Hargrove 10. _____ Edna Barry's son j. Dr. John Daniels 11. _____ stole Edna's keys to Lasch home k. Dr. Gary Lasch 12. _____ was Molly's prison psychiatrist l. Jonathan Lasch 13. _____ was found covered in blood m. NAF-TV 14. _____ was involved in hospital scam n. Cranden Academy 15.

_____ Gary Lasch's best friend o. Elliot Barry 16. _____ Gary Lasch was hit with this p. Edna Barry 17. _____ the place where Gary Lasch was found q. Molly Carpenter Lasch 18. _____ couldn't remember anything about murder 19. _____ reporter for NAF-TV 20. _____ testified against Molly Lasch Circle The Best Letter To Answer The Following Questions.

21. Who didn't want Molly Lasch to go on public television? a. Gary Lasch b. Gus Hargrove c. Philip Matthews d. Fran Simmons 22. Who was the investigative reporter for the Molly Lasch Murder Trial? a. Annamarie Scalli b. Fran Simmons c. Cal Whitehall d. Lou Jacobs 23. Where did Fran Simmons attend high school? a. Cranden Academy b. Greenwich High School c. Cape Christian School d. Maryland School 24. Dr. John Daniels was a a. physical therapist b. neurosurgeon c. psychiatrist d. Professor of Sociology 25. How many years was Molly Lasch sentenced to in prison? a. two b. ten c. life d. 25 Fill In The Blank.

26. Dr. Gary Lasch worked for _____________________ until his death.

27. Annamarie Scallie was a _________________ for Dr. Gary Lasch for the hospital until she was caught in a sex scandal with him.

28. Lasch Hospital was the result of _______________________, Dr. Gary Lasch's father, hard work.

29. Molly Carpenter Lasch claimed that she was ___________________ of the murder of her husband.

30. Fran Simmons was an _____________________________ for NAF-TV.

31. Molly Carpenter went to the Cape after she heard a conversation with her husband and ___________________________.

32. Elliot Hargrove was mad at _________________________ for yelling at him.

Short Answer.

33. What did Mary Higgins Clark do to keep the reader's attention? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 34. Why did Philip Matthews make Molly Lasch plead manslaughter? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 35. Molly only spent five years in jail. Explain.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Essay Question Cal Whithall and Peter Black were involved in the murder of Dr. Gary Lasch and the scams that were going on at the at the hospital. Explain how they were discovered at the end of the story and how Mary Higgins Clark created the events. Write on back of paper.