Children's Future

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Mrs. Cohen

English 1301

May 1, 2013

Most children now a days have some type of digital device which most of them love. However, children shouldn't be able to have digital devices until they reach a certain age. Digital devices can be a risk for health, expose children to inapropriate content, and are a major distraction.

Children are able to glue themselves on a chair and stare at a screen for hours which can cause eye fatigue, headaches, eye redness and blurred vision. It can also cause neck and back problems. Children now a days are exposed to many things that are out in the internet, and even if the inaproppriate websites were to be blocked there are still many sources that children could be exposed to. For example, many children have a Facebook account; this social network has many inappropriate things that the child is exposed to. Once something is out on the internet, its out there forever and children shouldn't even be aloud to have a Facebook, Twitter, ect.

until they reach a certain age.

Devices such as Ipads, Ipods, cell phones, computers, video games, ect. distract the child from the real world. Parents give their children devices when they want the kid to be entertained and occupied while they get their chores done. But most of the parents do not realize that their child is being distracted from reality most of the time they sit on their small devices. A child with a digital device isn't really having much of a childhood because all they do is play games on the device or be on the social networks.

As a kid I remember playing with dolls, barbies, any type of toy and did not even have knowledge that such things as Ipads or Ipods existed.