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This is a speech I had to write about an issue from a newspaper article. I found an article from the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, about the classification of children's movies... Hope it inspires you, and please don't plagiarize my work, feel free to quote it, provided you cite me... thanks...

Ladies and Gentlemen: Today I want to talk to you about the issue of movie classifications and advertising. Especially in children?s movies?so many movies made ?for kids? are not necessarily suitable for children or for their simple G or PG rating. Now perhaps this problem could be solved if the Office of Film and Literature Classification enforced their classification statements, or all together changed the classification scheme. Sometimes a movie can be good, but you?d cut off your arm before you shelled out the money to watch it, because it?s just not your kind of thing. The experience, reported in Column 8, of the two Sydney schoolboys who went to see ?Sense and Sensibility? because they thought it was the sequel to ?Dumb and Dumber? is a case in point.

Arguably they were the dumbest consumers in the multiplex that day. But you can end up losing two hours of your life and a hard earned 12 bucks through no fault of your own, because the promoters and marketing goons lie to you. The enormous cost of film production compels studios to lie in very obvious ways. When you?ve dropped $100million on a very tired sequel, starring a bunch of greedy dilettantes, you?re hardly going to tell the truth about it. But even good, and sometimes great films are often sold to the public in ways that can mislead and ultimately rip them off. But there are thousands of little punters being mugged right now by Pixar,