Childrens Toys And Their Influence

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George Herbert Mead said that play is the work of childhood: that when a child plays with toys and games, he/she is learning about the culture of their society. American children are being taught gender roles, values and modern technology through toys and games. As observed, different things are being taught to boys and girls through their toys. Analysis of this took place on Monday, November 19th at the K.B Toy Store in Hooksett New Hampshire as well as Toys R' Us in Bellingham Massachusetts on Saturday, November 24th.

1. Boy's toys seem to bring out aggression more that girl's toys do. For example, the packaging of many games like the Pokemon Wrestling Game, Ultimate Speed Racer Bike, and Screamon Demon Go Cart are decorated with fire and flames. This was also observed in a game called Fireballs, a motorized marble game. Parents certainly don't want their children playing with fire; it is one of the first things a child learns not to do.

Yet, fire, which in my opinion is associated to anger and aggression, is advertised al over children's games and toys. Hotweels makes a Criss Cross Track Set, which displays a mini projection of a high-speed accident with toy cars crashing into each other, another example of aggression. Last but certainly not least are toys like Nurf Guns and Crossbows, Wild Fire (projected as a fire flaming gun), and the Bloody Sword all of which are resemble with guns and knives. There are numerous gun laws in affect in our country and child-safety standards, everyone is aware of the damage weapons do, still kids are being given fake versions of these as play toys. There is something wrong with this picture. Such toys are also clearly marketed to males because of their masculine colors like black, dark...