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GLOBAL MULTI-PRODUCTS CHILE THE CHILEAN CULTURE The Chilean culture tends to be an individualistic society in the business environment. They are the most serious people in Latin America. However, they are professional in their behavior in terms of politeness and indirectness. They seem to be workaholics with their routine days of about 12 hours. Trust in the Chilean cultures among each other, remains on the edge. It is difficult for a Chilean to trust another individual despite their race, sex or origin. Teamwork remains a mission in process in Chile.

GLOBAL MULTI PRODUCTS ? CHILE Operations began in 1976, with an initial investment of U.S. $ 2 million. Supplies included various manufacturing and service industries such as the health and first aid, electrical, mining and communications to name but a few.

Global Multi Products is best known for its innovative capacity and incorporation for technology. Then again, internally is this true? ANALYSIS OF KEY FACTORS: New Roles of Sales Representatives: Retailer preferences changed, they wanted one Multi-Product Sales Representative to be responsible for all of the product lines.

In response to this, Multi-Product was forced to reduce the number of Sales Representatives from an average of five to one. Along with these changes the Sales Reps were required to have a vast knowledge of the company?s entire product line. In the past Sales Reps focused on one product alone. This focus enabled them to form highly valued relationships with the buyer.

New responsibilities for Sales Reps: Required to be a specialist in all product areas Advanced skills in product placement Migrated from product sales to product solutions Difficulties in Recruitment: In the Chilean society Sales Reps did not hold a high status. Therefore, it was difficult to recruit better-educated individuals to these positions. College educated Chileans were mainly interested...