China: Analysis of wastewater and water supply industry

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A. Market Overview:

Before going deep into the market picture, let look at the big overview of water resource situation of the whole country. Supplying clean and safe drinking water is one of the most critical issues, which China has to face today. Currently, two-thirds of all cities in China don't have enough water all year round and 10% of them are in the severe shortage situation. Municipal use and industrial use of water have been increasing with amazing number compared to the previous years due to the dramatic development of China in recent years. Plus the high speed of producing and manufacturing of many industries so much faster than the speed of the development of environmental technologies as well as the treatment for the waste from industries cause environment pollution remain in China. Three areas the Chinese government pays attention to environment protection such as air pollution control, waste water treatment, and solid & hazardous waste treatment.

China and its foreign lenders still spend far more on the water sector than on air and solid waste, especially on the clean up of priority river basins and lakes. In November 2000, the State Council issued a notice requiring all cities with populations over 100,000 to build wastewater treatment facilities by 2005.

A Chinese environmental industry is emerging. China is opening its environmental protection industries to overseas investors and expects the sector to grow annually with a satisfied rate in the next ten to fifteen years.

Generally, the whole picture of the wastewater and water supply in China can be described in the SWOT table below


- The important role of clean water in daily activities and industries: water is a big issue in China; everyone is taking care of the source of clean water...