China and Global Economy

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China Global Economy 1

Running Head: China and the Global Economy

China and the Global Economy

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China Global Economy 2


The economy of the world is changing at a faster pace due to the intense competition in the market. Thus old competitors are replaced by new ones just because of the lack of innovative strategies and modern design. Since 9/11, the world is faced with recession. During these tough times, it was China that stood tall and supported the economy of the world. Thus the economy of the world is no longer dependent upon the leader of the world in all affairs America. This helped to stabilize economy even though the fear of recession and crises of jobs was present.


China Global Economy 3

China and the Global Economy


The role of China in the modern day economic growth may not be ignored. It was 30 years back when China decided set the stage for the economic reforms which could enhance the possibilities of betterment for the country as well as the world. Today, China contributes more or less 5.2% to the economy of the world and thus is considered as the fourth largest economy of the world in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) (


China has been the changing face of modern economy today. No longer is the economy of the world dependent upon 1 or two countries. It has itself been the role for the modern players of economy. The decision to join WTO by China was a major breakthrough to be...