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Alan Baillie’s ‘The China Coin’ tells the story of a mother and daughter who have inherited one half of a Chinese coin. However Joan and Leah inherit a lot more than just the mystery that lies with the coin. During the course of their Journey throughout china, Joan and Leah discover that they inherit a lot of important things that they did not originally realise they had inherited. The main things that are discussed in this piece of writing are the fact that Leah and Joan inherit a new life through the lost family that they find in China, the renewed relationship that Joan and Leah develop between one another, and the wide range of knowledge and experience that they acquire from the journey to a new and wondrous country.

In Allan Baillie’s ‘The China coin’ Leah and Joan inherit a new life filled with new family, through the unveiling of the secret of the coin.

“Most people inherit money. Poor people. When it’s gone there’s nothing left. But we inherit a mystery, a challenge.” Leah’s Father was right when he said this on page twelve, Joan and Leah inherit a mystery; A mystery that leads them through China in search of the other half of the coin and the other half of their family. Joan and Leah find a new family in Shanghai. Grand father, Swallow and Good field show Leah and Joan their true Chinese family; however they do not realise their father’s dreams to reunite the two halves of the coin, until they reach Turtle Land in Chengdu. Here they found the remaining half of the coin and they reunited the lost family. The secret of the coin brought two families that were once parted together again, fulfilling Leah’s Father’s dreams and giving Joan and...