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Advertisement is an inevitable outcome of development of goods economy. Following with the development of goods economy, nowadays, advertisement becomes a sort of social speciality and industry, with gradually rising of its specialization and professional level that will satisfy the demand in expanding market and market competition of advertisement customers. In the article "Branding a Dragon Without Getting Burned"(2003.1)Rechel Morarjee formulates some comparable aspects to demonstrate the situation of advertisement in China.

According to Rachel Morarjee, there are four aspects to be contrasted. She maintains that China has topped the Asia-Pacific advertising market.

ú@. About Chinese and Western audience

Firstly, take FedEx for example, Chinese and Western campaigns have different focus. In fact, Chinese campaign concentrated on "how important for their audiences", while Western campaign concentrated on "why important for their audiences". Secondly, female individualism is fairly remarkable in the part of target consumers. The author demonstrates example of Nike's different slogans in China and West.

Its slogan in West is "Exercise. Be yourself", comparing with another slogan that shows women as healthy and fashionable, but also as pretty wife and good mother in China. The author claims that the campaigns should consider their target marketplace before choosing its slogan. Thirdly, humour is a indispensable part of our lives as well as advertisement. Consequently, the author notes that it is important in both of China and West but different. In support of her statement, Rachel Morarjee examines an advertisement for 999 brand anti-itching cream. However, she states that different effect on humour for about two buffalos in China, while a pair of chopsticks in Europe or the US.

úA.Regional differences.

According to author, three different campaigns for Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai are used to compare with each other. The example for Nabisco promotion she uses to illustrate...