China: The Qin Dynasty

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The Qin Dynasty was beneficial to the people of China for many reasons. Social, political and economic topics are three that benefited an extreme amount.

The social topic was benefited very much. For almost all of time, people from different parts of China could not communicate with each other very well. During the Qin Dynasty, a standard written language was established. This way, almost all people throughout China could communicate through a writing system but not by mouth.

Many different things were benefited politically in the Qin Dynasty. When the Qin took over their empire, they realized that rivers in the east and south surrounded them. This meant that they were safe from any sudden attack from those directions. The east and north were a different story though. They had nothing in the way except some mountainous areas, but mountains would not stop any armies. This is why the Qin established the Great Wall of China. Before the separate countries in China were taken over by the Qin, they all had their own walls to protect themselves. The Qin took these walls, connected them and made them stronger. This is where the Great Wall of China came from. So at the same time, two major political changes were made. One, many individual smaller countries were unified together to create a large country that had more power. Two, the Great Wall of China was built which is a "wonder of the world" today and protected the Qin Dynasty from attack.

The third topic that had major benefits was economics. Economics were a major problem all around the world. Different parts of the world had different currency. When the Qin Dynasty took over, they created a standard money system throughout their empire. This helped trade throughout the China and...