China's one child policy

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June 23, 2014

China's One Child Policy

According to Collins, a one child policy was implanted in China to solve several problems, but this also brought many disadvantages. First of all, she writes that although worldwide population is increasing, the fertility rate per woman in China is less than other countries due to the one child policy. She also explains that China created this temporary law which continues in force, in order to stop the death of people caused by food shortages, bad governments and natural disasters. Another point she brings up is the problems against human rights caused by this law, especially horrible abuses in pregnant women by government to show good population figures. In her article, she says that boy children are preferred by Chinese culture what cause a gender imbalance in their population. She also says that the population of elderly people is growing.

Therefore, the people's median age are increasing as well, causing lack of young workers in companies. Finally, she writes that having only one child brings several problems for children because parents put all their expectations in them, creating psychological problems and a terrible childhood for them.