Is China's One child policy ethically coorect, both sides of the arugument. And how does the world see the policy?

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Is direct human population control, such as China's One Child Policy an effective way to control population?


The huge population growth over the past few decades has been a cause for great concern globally. Proposed solutions to the population problem are widely diverse and often contradictory. The Involvement in Childbearing has been established around the world, laws determine the minimum age people must marry and the legal sex age. Governments allocate portions of their budget to family planning services and give incentives to have smaller sized families. Many countries have been trying to reduce their population growth, however few have responded in the way China has. China's One Child Policy is the first of its kind, there has been few other cases of governments controlling population directly. Other countries such as Thailand and India have implanted procedures indirectly to control their populations, such as implementation of family planning program, or increased contraceptives.

However China is the only country that has directly restricted what was thought to be a human right, a freedom of choice, breeding. As the China's One Child Policy seems to be a violation of human rights, and also creates other ethical problems, it is a very controversial issue.

The Effects of Overpopulation and why China's One Child Policy was implemented.

The problem of the dramatic increasing population is of great concern in many parts of the world. The policy was adopted to ensure that China a country that has historically been prone to floods and famine would be able to provide for its huge population. When land overuse occurs in combination with an extended period of drought, the productivity on the land may decline dramatically. The One Child Policy was adopted to combat the widespread poverty and improve the overall quality of life.

The positive effects...