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If there is one thing that China is good at, it is preserving their traditions. For around 5000 years, China has successfully preserved their cultures and customs. From martial arts and philosophies all the way to the architecture and temples, China's values stand strong. It is quite amazing that a country can keep a wall up for thousands of years; but also their religions, fighting methods, and values stay the same as well. There is a strong sense of pride and hard work in the people of China that would pull one to their country. Also, stepping outside of the city and into rural China would be a good idea. China is one of the most beautiful places Earth has to offer.

There are many places to visit in China; all of the sights could not be fit into one trip. Still, I have created a travel guide to help one that would be visiting there.

For two people and a two week stay the trip would cost roughly $5000, and that is not counting souvenirs and other miscellaneous items. It is advised to have about $8,000 for this trip; all would probably not be used. Each single day will not be used to see different sights; there will be a lot of traveling while in China and each sight may take a few days. It is good to see all of what it has to offer and not just see one city. Some of the places to visit in China are the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta army, the Temple of Heaven, the Li River, and the Three Gorges. There is much more to China but that is all that can be squeezed into this trip.

The first step of this trip will be obtaining...