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Essay by beemoney April 2006

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On April 1, 2006, Chinese American Society presented an annual Chinese culture show at Haymarket Theatre. The main theme of the culture show was following your xin, Chinese for heart. The plot followed an average Chinese student named Xin that she was not pleased with her mother forcing her career path in the medical field. Her dream was to become a performer, a dream that her mother would never allow. She had been suffered all her life from anxiety about being a doctor. She finally decided to follow her heart and secretly enter the Chinese Idol talent show offering the first place prize of a recording contract without her mother's permission. While presenting the Chinese Idol in the play, cast members performed traditional ribbon dance, Kung Fu dance, and Chinese fashion show. Ribbon Dance was a fusion of beauty, elegance, and rhythm. It was very colorful and energetic dance. Kung Fu dance was a mixture of kung fu and dance movements.

It was very interesting to see how kung fu and dance incorporated well together. Chinese fashion show was beautiful and brought forth the traditional Chinese costumes displaying the styles and the history. On Xin's turn, she sang a Chinese song really well and succeeded in winning the contest. Although her mother pressured her to become a doctor, she followed her heart and accomplished her dream as a performer.

After I saw the entire show, I realized that I had in something common with a main character Xin. In Korea, where I am from, it is very common that Korean parents are passionate about their children's academic achievement and they view education and high performance in school as the path to success as well. I also noticed the similarity that many Asian parents expect their children to show unquestioning obedience.