Chinese and Korean Immigrants in Canada. Comparative analysis on Chinese and Korean immigrant groups and there degree of integration to Canadian society

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Many of the Asian immigrants come to Canada to escape political pressure and to achieve a better economical status. Thousands of Asian immigrants start family owned businesses and manufacturing businesses, sending money home to support their family and many enter this country to seek higher education. Asian immigration to Canada has been an ongoing process since 1860 and it was approximately seven thousand Chinese people who arrived in Vancouver Island in order to find gold. Since the arrival of large number of Chinese people in 1860 pattern of immigration continues to change according to new immigration laws, political, economical, and demographic pressures. The most profound change in immigration pattern is huge increase of Asian immigrant and two countries that are responsible for this large increase are China and South Korea. This paper will examine the history of Chinese and Korean immigrants and investigate how each immigrant groups have integrated into Canadian society.

Chinese immigrants have very long history of immigration to Canada. As mentioned earlier, first Chinese immigrants set their foot step during late 18th century along the west coast of Canada. First known presence of Chinese in Canada was in 1788, about fifty Chinese craftsmen who tried to establish trading post on Vancouver Island (Li 1998). Also growing population and civil war in China during nineteenth century drove many Chinese to migrate to Canada (Li 1998). Political and economical freedom in Canada attracted many Chinese, who lived their lives under strict government control. Chinese people who settled in Canada during this period mainly worked in gold fields, coal mines, lumber camps and Railway construction (Li 1998). Also Chinese migrant's cheap labour had led to demand for Chinese workers. By early 1880's there were more than 17,000 Chinese in Canada. However, problem was that the cheapness of Chinese labour...