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many of the Chinese Canadian lives were harsh than the lives of one today. Life was not what one, Chinese Canadian expect it would be like. Many Chinese Canadians were tormented One was brought to Canada, expecting to start a better life, but instead they were used as prisoners. These dreams of coming to Canada will be a great opportunity to start a fortune or better life, shattered their lives. This is evident were imprisoned Chinese immigrants vividly expresses their sorrow and anger in their poems on the cell walls of the Immigration Building in Victoria, B.C. It was a prison for Chinese Immigrants. The wall writing attests to the loneliness, humiliation, ambition, pride, and confusion of the immigrants.

In World War II, if one was a Japanese Canadian one would be forced out of their homes to become prisoners and slaves to the sugar-beet fields of southern Alberta.

This occurred when the federal government classified them as enemy aliens. Also, if one was a Chinese Canadian one would be rejected from enlisting in the war because that would be giving them the right to vote. Dying for a country that did not want them. Eventhough, if one was a Chinese Canadian veterans of the Second World War and born in Canada, Canada did not want them. Chinese had to step aside to make way for the white people. Chinese Canadians were not given the right to vote nor run for public office. And one could not become pharmacists, accountants, lawyers, civil servants, nor even work at Eaton's the department store.

The Chinese Canadians were not given the rights to vote, enlist in the war