Chinese Cinderella

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English essay: Chinese Cinderella.

Adeline, the protagonist of the story "Chinese Cinderella" is about to start her first day at primary school. She is waiting in the hallway, all alone, wondering who was taking her to school and when. Sympathy is created for Adeline through the description of her thoughts and feelings in the story when she admits to feeling as if she "had been waiting for a long time." She would start to feel anxious as if people had forgotten about her. Also, "The chauffeur had already left to drive her brothers to St Johns academy." This quote points out that everyone is being thought of and being tended to apart from Adeline! She would feel forgotten again; now she would be feeling uncomfortable. She was excited but sympathy is created when the author starts describing how her two brothers were already being taken to their school and her sister is still in bed.

This makes her feel lonely, uncertain and abandoned; we can empathise with her because it is always exciting starting something new and as big as a new school.

Similarly, we start to feel sympathy again for Adeline when she starts to "tremble with fear" realising "no-one was going to pick her up." These quotes show she was nervous and alone again. Out in the streets…all alone…lost! We give her sympathy when she says "too embarrassed to draw attention to myself, I walked out tentatively into the Shanghai streets." Calling the streets Shanghai streets, not just the streets makes us feel that she is frightened; it makes the streets sound like well known, busy, used. We can sense her fear and anxiety. The author uses an adverb to build up tension, Adeline doesn't just walk out, she walks out tentatively.

When she...