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Between the years of 1860 and 1960, there was a massive income of immigrants to the United States. These immigrants we a huge chunk of the labor population and there fore were the backbones of our labor supply. We surely owe them many thanks because they helped to build the U.S. we are in today. Immigrants come to America to get every kind of freedom and have a job so they can make more money to pursue a better life. But after the depression of 1873, unemployment mounted on the West coast and native-born workers found it necessary to limit the number of immigrants to create available job positions at wages that allow them continue to feed their family.

The Burlingame Treaty of 1868 stated that Chinese People had the right to come to migrate to America for any particular reason. Most of the Chinese decided to come to America because they were hoping to share all the opportunities that America had to offer.

It was all well and accepted by Americans for Chinese People to immigrate to America because they were willing to take the hardest and the least attractive jobs. But due to the depression in 1873, American People couldn't afford to be picky about a job; they were desperate for any job. However, employers favored in hiring Chinese Laborers since they worked for very low wages on longer hours. If employers continued to hire Chinese Immigrants, there would be a less wage given to Americans but even worse, Americans would be left jobless. This is where the hatred towards the Chinese started to build. The Chinese also chose to live in their own neighborhoods; like today's "China Town," and keep their own way of living. If the Chinese had adapted to the American way of living, they...