A Chinese Girl's Personal Statement, reflecting upon her life.

Essay by Keir October 2005

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A man walked in a small but modern-designed room accompanied by his old friend, the father of a new-born baby. In the room, the mother was holding the baby, who was making some sluring noises. The man looked at the baby and meditated for a while, then said to the father, "She is not going to be an artist like you guys, she is going to be a mathematician!"

Even though I had someone predict my future when I was just born, my parents didn't seem to listen to their close friend but trying all the way to turn me into an artist. All my early childhood memories were learning piano from my mom in my sweet home, a Siheyuan right next to the forbidden city and; and going to the summer palace to practice my sketch.

Everything went so right for a kid like me until I reached my 4-year birthday.

My mom and I moved out from my happy home and moved in with my grandparents whom I could hardly see before. Later I knew that they were getting a seperation and I would have to live with my grandparents for a while. By a while, I meant 7 years. My primary school were full of kids whose parents are making rockets. They were talking about rockets all the time and most of their dreams are to be an astronaumer or a rocket scientist like their parents. Unlike my classmates, I didn't have parents working in science or rockets, I didn't have much of an aim in my life. I might be a pianist like my mom who was studying so hard on her MBA in order to achieve her new life pursuit; or I would become an artist like my dad, drawing night after day. Loads of...