Chinese human trafficking toward United States.

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Chinese immigration to the United States has had an extensive history and can be dated as far back as the middle of the ninetieth century. (Zai Liang, 2001) However, the recent wave of international migration from china has caught the attention of both China and the United States. These migration incidents have clearly shown the global scope of Chinese migration and give the misleading impression that the world's most developed countries are under the threat of a wave of irregular migration from the world's most populous country, China. This conclusion is far too simplistic, and in fact the majority of migrants entering the United States since 1949 have not been Chinese. However, such events have caught our attention. Why have Chinese migrants tried so desperately to come to United States? What are the social and economic impacts on both the receiving country and the sending country? What are some policies being put into effect?

I argue that the increasing rate of irregular Chinese migrants might threaten the security of the state, and irregular Chinese migrants could benefit Chinese local economy in the short-run.

Also, though some transnational criminal activities might be harmful to the United State's social stability, the vast irregular Chinese migrants do not appear to be noxious and in general they do not affect the employment of American citizens. However, if the United State and China do not have good policies to eliminate trafficking in human beings, these will be among the principal challenges facing governments as they move into future, and the legitimacy of these states will be undermined by their failure to control their borders.

In my paper, I will provide a history of Chinese migration, as well as discuss incidents of irregular Chinese migration, its effects on the economic factor, effects on the social...