Chinese immigration to canada.

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The New Immigration, Refugee Protection Act was started on June 28, 2002. The government of Canada tryed tof ind skilled workers from china. The government wannted to get people the could do a multiple jobs insted of having one skill like most canadians. To get a job they had to be offered it and the government would have to make sure that the employer had let the person be apart of that work place.

IN the 1880's, the Canadian Government wnet to china a got people to come bakc and make a ralroad for them. After they did that they moved to a place outside of B.C. and started to make there own little town. To make there money they would sell fruits and vegetables for sale, cut wood for fuel, and opened laundries and resaurants.

In 2002 the Canadian government had made the New Immigration, Refugee Protection Act for any person to become a canadian for out of a nother country.

For these people to be part of this Act, they had to fill out a form to the governament with information on it about them self. If these people did not have a permanent residency before june 2002, they would need this form. It would have there age, what sort of education they had (schooling), If they have any relavnt work experience, how well they can speak ether french or English, that a petson had offered to give the person a job and the government had made sure of it, and if the person can adapted to being around people of a different nationality.