Chinese New Year Festival

Essay by TooT January 2008

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On the clear, dark blue night, with no stars in sight and the cool northern breeze of the wind with the perfect, spherical moon with its divine light bathes the sea of people of all ages and heights, squishing each other on the square in front of the ancient, gleaming Tiananmen that reflects the mystical moonlight by the elaborate gold and silver coatings set the perfect atmosphere for the spectacular event that is taking place. At the same time, the magnificent fireworks set the clear sky ablaze with its blinding colors of the rainbow: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, indigo, and other innumerable amount of colors fused with extravagant and complex designs that one can only dream of. Altogether the sky can only be described as if the angel of the sun descended upon the earth. While the fireworks display its beauty above, down below the deafening roars of the crowd shook even the almighty Great Wall of China. As the firework display progresses, the thunderous cheers of the crowd fully synchronize with the resonance of the fireworks that echoes through the rest of the Chinese New Year. Truman's world is only a one sided reflection of the real world. The actors around him act happy and positive everyday and the world works in loops every moment. This can be seen when the twin never buy his insurance, and when people run around in circles. For their own interest, producers of the show made the situation act in their favour. The subjective story planned by the producers is only a shallow part of reality. In the real world, Truman is given the opportunity to experience hardship, evil, murder and natural disasters. Due to this one sided reflection, his purpose and struggles were meaningless because everything is just in place...