Chinese restarant in Australia.

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China is a gastronomic country with a long history, there had been recorded thousands of recipes from very beginning time until now. In the 30s of the 20 century, since a lot of Chinese immigrated in other countries, many Chinese restaurants operated all the over the world, there different type of Chinese restaurants were opened more and more. Especially for those countries they were accepted immigrants, such as American, Canada and Australia. Those Chinese restaurants provided the menus and foods styles were nearly the same as original Chinese food, the distribution of Chinese foods standard were very distinct. The cheapest price was the same as other western fast foods. It is a pleasant to change different taste for local people, but in Australia, the situation is a little bit different. Although many Chinese restaurants operated all over in Australia, however, some of the cooks are not Chinese; this reason is restricted for the people who would like to try original Chinese food.

In addition, the different raw material and quality are limited in Australia market; all above led the Chinese foods not much more popular in American, and Canada. I made a case study with a middle size of Chinese Restaurant in details, I hope all Chinese Restaurants are constantly renewing itself, keeping the traditional food style and adapting to change managements that hang on to weakness for whatever reason-not creation or their own management, weakness-won't be around in the future, I also hope those people who are going to run a Chinese restaurant get some inspirations from this article.


The first Chinese Restaurant "Hong Kong Restaurant" was built in Australia 40 years ago. 40 years is a long time for one ethnic cuisine to arrive. And flourish. The Chinese restaurant have been operated about 1,000 from 1960s...