Chinese Tyranny Today- Domestically and Internationally

Essay by Keir January 2006

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Consider China, the DPRK and Zimbabwe. Talk about a true axis of evil, where the most reprehensible and vile totalitarian regimes actually team up to provide each other with assistance in further providing suffering and horror to their people.

While Kim Jung il is currently in China (the North Korean dictatorship's best friend and supporter), I saw in Foreign Policy magazine over the weekend that fascist China is transferring firewall and network spying technology to Zimbabwe. Not much point trying to move countries like Iraq to proper democratic and truly representative of their with China helping dictators strengthen their control and oppression.

But then consider what is going on within China's own borders. Villagers in the south of China have been protesting for the last week (of course no one in China knows this- they know about the violence in Iraq than in their own country). This weekend thousands of police officers had had enough and used automatic weapons and electric batons to violently put an end to their complaining.

At least 60 people were injured, residents of Panlong village said, and at least one 13-year-old girl had been killed by security forces. Of course, the police denied any responsibility. Here's the joke: They claim she simply died of a heart attack!

This after police had chased and beaten protesters and bystanders alike; how many teenagers do you know simply die of a cardiac arrest? Of course, it was completely unrelated to the brutality the state meted out to its own people. The 'communist' government cares nothing for its peasants who survive in abject poverty, more concerned with building Opera houses for the bourgeois.

According to the New York Times today, "The police arrived at 8 p.m., and then started beating people from 9 p.m., trying to disperse the crowd,"...