A chinese young adult in america

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"China's nice, but America...America's supposed to be better."

That line is one of the first words uttered by my interviewee. When I asked him, why his family moved here, that was his response. The thing that us American's need to understand is each person has a story, his/her family has a story, one which probably includes hardships, and joyous events, but we all have one, maybe that's what makes America so beautiful.

James Tong Chen, that is my full name. I am an eighteen-year old college freshman. My family moved here from Hong Kong twelve years ago. I am six feet tall, and weigh a hundred and seventy five pounds. I am fair skinned and have short black hair with remanence or red, from my last hair-coloring escapade. So far what you know about me, means little. To understand me, you have to dig into my family history, once you learn about them, you'll have a much better understanding of who I am.

My grandfather from my mother's side was a doctor in mid-1900's China. He served for the army as a doctor. When the war hit home, he still hadn't been married and so decided to aid in the war effort. As he left his family's home he didn't realize that would be the last time he would ever see them. He liked his work, and got deeper and deeper into the war. He was treating casualties of war everyday. When he finally received word that his family had been killed while trying to escape their home, he was infuriated, but being an almost thirty-year-old man with no one to go to, he kept working. He followed the troops everywhere and gave all of his time that was possible to the army. Eventually as WWII ended, my...