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-Chiropractic training is equivalent to that of a medical physician, and the number of hours for licensing is actually longer.

-A doctor of chiropractic completes four years in a chiropractic school, with focused study of anatomy and physiology, and then moves to specialties like acupuncture, deep tissue massage or physical therapy.

-Physicians must complete four years of medical school, then three to four years of residency in a chosen specialty, such as pediatrics or orthopedics

-Both must complete state and national board exams

-chiropractors are licensed to provide all forms of health care, but not administer drugs or perform surgery

-others don't see the two fields as equivalent; The intellectual intensity of the hours studied by a chiropractor is not anywhere near what a medical physician studies

-Chiropractors have a place in the health care system, but they are not the primary place to start."

Physicians practice a sort of team approach to health care.

As the first health care practitioner the patient sees, the physician acts as a coordinator. After an evaluation, the physician sends the patient to another health specialist, which may include a different physician, physical therapist, nutritionist or chiropractor.

The chiropractor's treatment centers on the musculoskeletal system and the relationship between the spine and nervous system to achieve a homeostasis or balance of the spine.

Despite the apparent differences in the educational emphasis, philosophies and practice of the two health professions, they have striking similarities in the sports world. Both chiropractors and physicians travel to the Olympics and other international events to treat athletes, and both can call themselves sportsmedicine specialists. There is no formal training required of a sportsmedicine specialist other than an advanced degree in the sciences

People from different backgrounds already have a feeling for whether they should see a chiropractor or...