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Julia Pena


English 1301

7th period

19, September 2013


Chivalry, it is the set of values men are supposed to have, the set of unwritten rules the male population is supposed to follow. The question, is chivalry dead has been asked, sarcastically and seriously, however the question should be, is chivalry alive? Chivalry is not a living thing, it is a behavior that people, especially women, expect out of men. Yes, that is right I am emphasising that chivalry should be expected of men, not boys, or young adolescents that are not mature enough to comprehend the definition of chivalry. In my personal opinion males who have not reached the age of 25 are not mature enough to be chivalrous.

Young men in my generation have not been properly taught the characteristics of chivalry. I am old enough and have been around enough males of all ages, family members, peers, and strangers, and I no longer expect anything courteous out of them.

Only on rare occasions is a door opened for me, and the way women are talked about in casual conversation without any concern on who might be listening, would make a grandmother cringe. Loyalty is something young men or boys have for music artists and sports teams, they feel some sort of connection to multi millionaires and not to the people who might make an impact on them. To be fair, young women in my generation including myself have been raised with this same mentality.

Men that meet the age requirement that I have suggested, 25 plus, are supposed to have gained enough life experience to know how to be loyal, courteous, and respectful. Men who have reached this age should have, (or in this economy) be looking for a job, showing loyalty...