The Choclate War: Themes & Charachterization OR CONFORMISTS: ARE THEY IN DANGER?

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The theme of the chocolate war would most definitely is, being a nonconformist can make you an outcast by society. It can even sometimes bring harm to you, but if you are being a nonconformist with good reason, then you will have to be willing to take the abuse. The Chocolate War is a story that takes place in New England in the 1970's. The main part of the story is focused on the characters time in a catholic school. Since the school is exclusively for boys, they were constantly trying to prove their power over one another. The protagonist of the story is Jerry Renault. Jerry traveled through three stages, much like the book; his beginning middle and end. At Trinity, the school him and his friends attend, they have two major parts. One is every year they sell chocolates to raise money and also they have a group called the Vigils.

Basically the Vigils watch over the school. Jerry is part of the Vigils, and he also goes against tradition of the school. So let us take a look at Jerry's journey as a nonconformist.

In the beginning when Jerry was confronted by Brother Leon, a teacher, to help in the sale of the Chocolates, Jerry sort of lead Brother Leon on. Brother Leon knew that he was a part of the Vigils, and knew that he could get the Vigils to increase the sale of the chocolates and the Vigils could make the entire school sell more chocolates. However in the back of his mind, he had a plan unfolding. He was going to go against tradition and not sell the chocolates.

For the second part of the book, Archie, the head of the Vigils, tells Jerry to decline his share of chocolates, but for only ten...