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Mentor program can be essential to kids depending on who the mentor is. Whether that person has good grades, highest education, or pleasant appearance, we should evaluate on how well they communicate and relate to children. It is very important that the children will have significant knowledge from our program. The choice we'll make in determining the right candidates is vital to the program itself, but mostly to the kids.

The requirement of only three applicant, we were faced with difficulties in choosing twenty to start off. There were a lot of bright and interesting people in the crowd. With so many determined faces, we managed to accomplish in nominating three appealing candidates. Sadly, we were to ask the remaining who weren't selected to go. As for the three still standing, we were delighted to have them share their experiences.

Our first pick was a former prostitute. We thought that the prostitute would be a good way to educate kids about living in the street.

Show the children that it's a dangerous job and a bad way to make a living. It will enable kids to learn that selling your body isn't the right way. The children will discover that they have something special within their selves that doesn't require in making money from using their own body.

In choosing the second candidate, we had a lot of tough arguments due to the fact that this person is still currently a gang member.