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1. Make a list at times you were in conflict with someone or an institution.

;- Pregnant/ abortion

Marriage/ money

New Car/ money

2. Define a time when you lost your innocence.

Once my daughter was born I realized that I'm living in an adult world now and reality really sank in. There is no turning back once that child has entered this world. Now I have to live up to my responsibilities and everybody's expectations.

3. Define a narrative point for the items on each list.

When I became pregnant my parents wanted me to have an abortion, but my fiance

and I wanted to keep the baby.

My fiance and I are ready to get married, but we wanted to wait till I finished school so we can be more financially stable.

We needed a second car so Vic could go to work and I could go to school, but money was tight.

4. Create some dialogs between you and another character that is related to your narrative point.

Mom, I'm pregnant," I said and small and frightened voice.

What do you mean you are pregnant?," my mother asked as tears began to roll down her face.

I'm sorry," I responded.

"Your father and I don't think you should keep it," she said strongly.

I stood up from my chair and said with a firm voice, " You haven't even spoke to Dad!"

"Your father and I have already decided that we don't want you or your sister to have a baby until you finish college."

"It's not your decision to make, Vic and I are keeping this baby!" I yelled as I left the room.

5. Write a paragraph about that loss of innocence that shows but doesn't tell.

I was close to the end of...