Choices of Transport

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Choose any traditional family / household of your choice and, with their consent, establish the choices of mode of transport by family members. Explain the choices of transport in your case family.

INTRODUCTIONThis report shows the consumers behavior of a traditional family. Consumer behavior is defined as reflecting the totality of the consumers' decisions with respect to the acquisition, consumption, and disposal of the goods, services, time, and ideas by decision- making units.

The objective of this research is to consider the choices of mode transport by family members. Besides, this report will focus on how individual member makes decision to spend their available resources (money, time and effort). The case family is defined as: husband, wife, teenager and a child (under age of 18) with full demographic profile show in the appendix.

In order to collect relevant primary data, qualitative research has been used. The interview was held in a restaurant by given the aims of the research.

Due to the age of the child (6 years old), the interview was only participated by the husband, wife and teenager. The interview questions were asked to find out the family's demographic, sociocultural, and geographic profile. Then the questions regarding how the family members' decision making process were taken place.

This report will apply relevant theories that learned in this module to explain the choices of transport. Then the marketing implications, summary and limitations of this finding are given. Appendix has added 2 figures which were the full description of the family profile and full neighbourhood profile of the family case.

FAMILY PROFILEThe traditional form of the family in industrial societies is the nuclear or two-generation family, which consists usually of a mother, father, and their children. (Evans ET AL 2006).

The family life cycle (FLC) is the classification of family...