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The United Western Bank Ltd.

Introduction: -

Our group has chosen The United Western Bank Ltd. This bank belongs to the Indian banking sector. It is situated in Satara7, which is in the state of Maharastra, India.

Annasaheb Chirmule, the founder of this bank, worked for a Swadeshi movement (a movement for gaining Independence) for the purpose of making the natives self-dependent. He founded The Satara Swadeshi Commercial Bank Ltd. in 1907. The United Western Bank Limited started its operations on March 8th, 1951.

The United Western Bank Limited acquired the status of a Scheduled Bank. The bank soon opened its new branches which were, The Union Bank of Kolhapur in 1956 and The Satara Swadeshi Commercial Bank Limited, in 1961. Today, the bank has 154 fully computerized branches and 78 partially computerized branches. The management is working to establish another 70 branches in the other states of India like Punjab, Kerala, Chandigad, Assam, Karnataka etc.

The bank also offers 57 ATM centers, personal loans for cars, house and education etc, Special Agriculture finance, foreign exchange centers and foreign correspondents and deposit scheme for senior citizens called as "SANMAN". The United Western Bank is now reaching to the customers in their homes, offices and even shops through various delivery channels like ATMs, Internet banking, debit cards etc.

The deposit of the bank has grown by 19.27%, the saving bank deposits has crossed Rs 1,000 crores. The bank advances has registered a growth of 19.04 %, and the investment done by the customers has also grown by 26 %.

The subsidiary bank of the bank i.e. the Western India Trustee and Executor bank limited has also recorded good results for the year ended March 31st 2004. The bank is Trustee for debentures, bonds issued by several large and reputed coo prates.