Choosing to do project as a group or individually

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Everyone have different learning styles, some may excel in a team environment, while others perform better working alone. Whatever the reason may be, there are both advantages and disadvantages for both situations and there is no right or wrong decision in choosing the preferred choice (Tyler n.d.).

Benefits of working on the project as an individual

Working individually motivates students to put in more effort, become more independent and increases wisdom when conducting own researches. While in a team, students tend to rely more on each other to make decisions. When working on a project, student can plan and make his own decision on where and when it is most convenience. In other words, time is not wasted in coordinating with others to decide on the date, time and location to meet up for project discussion. The individual makes every decision on his own accord; he does not need to seek someone's opinion before taking action.

This greatly reduces the complexity and eliminates disputes faced by teams due to members having different ideas (Heller 2010).

Working alone allows individuals to be more inclined to express own controversial views and share personal details as compared to working in a team, where there are many personalities and levels of relationship to consider.

It also allows one to have freedom of speech and express personal views that do not need to be clearly defined. In other words, it is the opposite of working in a team where there may be conflicts in understanding other members' personal views and intentions (Venditti and McLean 2012).

Difficulties of working on the project as an individual

Students more are likely to encounter problems completing project alone because everyone's level of knowledge and skills differs in various aspects. With no one to share the burden, he may...