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It is by no means an easy task to choose a profession. The whole future of a person depends on the right choice. For the rich it doesn't matter much but for the poor it is of great importance. Many young women and men have suffered failures in their lives because of wrong choice. So it is always necessary to decide what one should do in one's life. It is my great ambition to do something substantial for the welfare of society. The practice of medicine seems to offer me that opportunity.

The choice of profession depends on so many considerations. I am studious and hardworking and I want my efforts rightly rewarded. One can choose to be a great business man, a politician, actor or a lawyer to become rich and popular. But the job you choose much suit your make up. I want good money and all comforts in life and at the same time I want to be of some help to the society.

A doctor commands great respect in the society because he/she is very much wanted by all, rich and poor alike. A doctor is a very sought after person everywhere. That's why I want to become a doctor. Secondly, I think I can get the satisfaction of being of some help to my society, the happiness of making sick people better. I believe that their blessings will bring peace and prosperity in my life. I know that it is not easy to enter the medical profession. There is keen competition, so I have to get the best grade to get admission to the medical faculty. The school subjects I must have studied include English, Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Faculty of Medicine provides a five-year course leading to the degrees of Bachelor of...