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In the novel " The Chosen" of Chaim Potok a lot is happening. Not only in the Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn, but also in the world: f.e. the death of president Roosevelt, the Jewish holocaust, a Zionist state. And as these events occur, and things change in the world, the characters also develop. The respect between the people in the story grows as the characters understand each other better and better. It is special for a book to have more than one person to develop throughout the story. So perhaps it could be that the characters relate to each other in some way. And perhaps the worldwide events in the story can be connected to the local events in Brooklyn. And so the question is: are there connections between actions, ideas, events and characters in the story, and if present: why are they used?One of the most obvious connections is the one between Reuven and Danny, the main characters of the story.

In the beginning of the story they were opposites. They had never met and were living totally different. But during the game they already built up some sort of relation. They became parallel as they both started to hate each other, and both wanted to kill the other. And when Reuven was in hospital, both Danny and Reuven were guided by their fathers to make up again. Another relation is their personalities and mind: they both are very smart and like to learn and both are very loyal to their fathers. In the story Reuven seems to be the chosen to help Danny. But in fact they are helping each other. There is a lot of discussion and exchanging of opinions in the story, which makes them complement one another and so makes them go through...