A Chosen Death-Satirical Process Essay

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A Chosen Death

There are many "promising" plans to kill yourself, but they don't always factor in the feelings of the person that are carrying them out. I think it is very important that the person him/herself is taken into careful consideration, because any "promising" plan can be disrupted by fear, uncertainty, or just self-deception.

There are many reason why people suicide, such as:

1. sick and dying anyway and want an easy way out that doesn't involve a lot of mobility;

2. depressed plus can not find the motivation to go on with life;

3. disgusted with life and want a way out that is not too painful, messy or likely to fail;

4. want to die for disgraceful secrets and are afraid of being discovered, or seen as a coward;

5. want revenge on some society, group or person, and wish to use their death as a way of achieving this;

6. want to become an enigma;

I believe there are many delicate plans that can satisfy all of these conditions and desires, but some combinations may be quite difficult to achieve for them(such as one who is depressed and lacking in energy and yet wants to go out in a way that would take some work).

It's pretty easy to kill yourself, if you truly want to. The main elements are: access, efficiency, speed, and painlessness. Access can be a problem for those who has phsical disablity; efficiency will be hard for those who can extinguish the difference between real world or fictions; speed alters the next element; painlessness is important to most of the people, mainly not to suffer to much. The other important area of suicide guiding is proper preparation. Too often this is neglected, when in fact things like cardboard coffins are only available...