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Lauren McNally

Mr. Humes

English 11 (2)

26 May 2014

The Legend

Who was Chris McCandless? Some say that he is a legend and others say that he was nothing more than a boy who threw away his future. Is the only one to blame for his own death? McCandless was the type of kid who always questioned things; he desired to know more but refused to work for the answers. In elementary school, McCandless was placed in accelerated classes but because he was so stubborn he refused to listen to the teachers and do the extra work. All in hopes that he would convince his teachers he was not smart and he would be taken out of the accelerated classes. McCandless rarely planned or prepared for the future, causing him to be unprepared for his journey into the Alaskan wilderness. He traveled into the wilderness because he wanted to discover what was missing from his normal life.

Through his journey he realized that true happiness is when you share experiences with others. Unfortunately he discovered this too late into his journey and when he tried to return back to civilization his route was flooded. He soon ran out of food which inevitably leads to his death.

Curiosity killed the cat, and unfortunately in this story curiosity killed McCandless too. He was driven by curiosity and passion to find out about what else this world had to offer. He refused to let anyone or anything stop him from finding out. His desire to live without money and a plan for food, water, or shelter motivated him to follow his dream and to explore what Alaska has to offer. Throughout his journey he met many amazing people that left a lasting impression on him and they were like his...