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Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is the son of God was born onto earth to die for the worlds sins, and offer salvation unto anyone calls unto him and confesses their sins. Everything about Jesus Christ has significant meaning to him and his purpose. Take His name for instance; it in itself signifies his whole purpose and truth. From Jesus' birth to his life everything that he went through and experienced was a fulfilling of prophesies. His death and resurrection and everything that is to come of the future of Him is all the fulfilling of prophesy from the bible. Jesus Christ is indeed the son of God but was born unto a Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph.

It is the truth that Jesus Christ is the son of God though he was born unto earth unto a lowly couple by the name of Mary and Joseph. Mary was a virgin at the time of Jesus' birth and was known to be around the age of sixteen.

It is without a doubt a miracle that Jesus' was born unto a virgin, though the truth in the bible reads Jesus' was conceived by the holy spirit. This was unknown by Joseph, Mary's soon to be wed husband, and it almost caused Joseph to put young Mary away. Although it is written that an angel came to Joseph in a dream and informed him that Mary was holding no ordinary child and not to worry or put her away take care of her and the child to be born.

Joseph and Mary was a simple couple at the time and was going to be wed before the following events happened. Joseph's profession was that of a carpenter during this time. Mary sixteen at the time was virgin and unaware of the great...