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Greetings Brethren, The Lost and the Ministers of Peace & Paradise: We come to note what has already been revealed by the Inspired Word of God. The Man in the Flesh who sponsors False Prophecy, False Teaching, False Doctrines often claim that money was not in existence in the Old Testament. Therefore, there is an automatic transition to money as a tithe in the present contemporary world.

However, the Bible reveals the on-going use of money. Thus if God wanted us to tithe money under the Old Law and under the New Law we should be able to find this commandment, or order by God in the Bible.

Again we Warn the False Prophets that Tell Un-Holy Lies on God. Your days are numbered. Even God will show no mercy on those that blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

Peace, Carl Patton Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal February 16, 2001 in the year of our Lord.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHRISTIANITY: FALSE TEACHING FALSE DOCTRINE PART 39: THE USE OF MONEY THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Abraham who existed before the Law was a wealthy man (See Genesis 13:2). His wealth consisted of precious metals, livestock and servants (See genesis 24:34-35). He used money, shekels of silver, to purchase land, it is also noted that coined money was not in existence at this time (See Genesis 23:15-16).

Jacob and Joseph also used money before the Law. Jacob purchased land for 100 pieces of silver (See Genesis 33:19). Joseph was sold by his brothers for 20 shekels of silver (See Genesis 37:38). Joseph's brother's went to Egypt to buy food with silver (See Genesis 24).

During the time of the written Law Gods people gave money to support the Tabernacle (See Exodus 30: 14-16, 38: 24-31 and Exodus 35:5, 21,22). There were also monetary penalties (See Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Leviticus 5:15).

The following scripture references note the use of money during the ministry of Jesus: 1. The Widow, Mark 12:42-44.

2. Jesus told his disciples not to take any money with them on their journey, Mark 6:7-10.

3. Jesus declared that "You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6:24.

4. Parables noted in the first four Books of the New Testament. The use of talents as a rate of exchange: 1. Matthew 18:23-34.

2. Matthew 25:15-18.

3. Mark 11:15-18. Money Changers 25:27.

4. John 13:29 Judas in charge of the money. Zechariah 11:12-13, 30 pieces of silver prophesied.

5. Matthew 26:14-15 Judas and 30 pieces of silver.

6. Matthew 27:3-7 the results of Judas treachery.

Money was also used after the ministry of Jesus: 1. Conspiracy of Priests and Elders to dispute the resurrection, Matthew 28:12-13.

2. Can you pay for the Holy Spirit? Acts 8:17-20.

3. People begged for money Acts 3:1-6.

4. Money used to help the needy Acts 4:34-35.

Money & Taxes Taxes have been collected throughout the Bible in the form of produce, livestock and money. Also, the word tax appears either as a tribute, levy or duty. A tribute to the Lord that included items, other than money. (See Numbers 31:26-41).

In the Old Testament taxes were used to support the Tabernacle (See Exodus 30:14-16). Land was also taxed to support the government. This tax was similar to today's Property tax. (See 2 Kings 23: 33, 35, Ezra 4:12-13). See Kings loss of revenue in Ezra 7:24. In Nehemiah 5:4 money borrowed to pay taxes. Tax Collector sent out is noted in Daniel 11:20.

Taxes are also noted in the New Testament. Tax Collectors in the New Testament.

1. Matthew 5:46, 9:10-11, 21:31-32.

2. Mark 2:15 3. Luke 18:10-14. They were often in the company of Jesus.

4. Matthew 17:24-27, The Fish.

5. Matthew 22:17-21, Caesar.

Finally we see that wages and compensation for work is also recorded in the Bible: 1. Workers who repaired the Temple were paid in money. (See 2 Kings 22:4-7. Also see 2 Chronicles 38:8-13, 2 Kings 12:13-15 and Ezra 3:6-7.

2. 1 Samuel 13:19-21 Money paid to sharpen tools.

3. Judges 16:4-6 Delilah received money to seduce Samson.

4. Judges 9:3-5 Men hired to kill 70 people. Also see 2 Samuel 10:6 and Jeremiah 46:21 The New Testament also records the use of money as wages: 1. Matthew 20:1-2, 20:8-10.

2. Luke 10:34-35 The Good Samaritan.

3. Acts 16:16 Fortune Tellers. Also see James 4:13 Cont. Part 40: Offerings Further Defined -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to Home Page Email: All rights reserved by Psyche Publishing: FreedomJournal 2001.