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Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell: A Moral Analysis on Stem Cell Practice within San Beda College

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Stephen John B. Manlangit

Renzo Manaloto

Melonie Mae Malaluan

Sittie Hashiba Mohammad

Erika Masellones

John Arbie Espiritu

Michelle Anne Cristobal

Mark Christian Co

Peterlao Chua-lao

Joy Cristal Ang


Grateful appreciation is given to the following people who in one way or another, have made this paper possible:

First, To God Almighty, for guiding the researchers throughout the journey of making this Theology research paper and showering them His knowledge, protection, patiences and determination in conducting the study.

To the researcher's parents, for guiding, understanding, and uplifting the researchers in finishing their Theology research paper. They have contributed and inculcated different godly values which helped to developed a successful research paper.

Mr. Noel Santander, for his assistance and support in making this research. The reseachers thank him for all the lessons that he have shared to his students throughout the whole semester.

To the Department of Theology of San Beda College, for teaching the students' a wholly and Christian values that would guide and help them in their Christian lives.

To the respondents, Joey Capino (SecGen of SBJMA), Melchor D. Manlangit- (Christian Pastor), Dr. Nanette Ramillo Cruz, Dr. Francisco Domingo and Fr. Rembert Tumbali for their time for allowing the researchers to get their insights and knowledge regarding the research topic. Also, we would like to thank them for helping us in understanding our research topic.

And lastly, to the researchers' classmates and friends, for their undying support that uplift and inspire the researchers in making this research paper successful.

I. Introduction

THED4 - Contemporary Moral Theology, the course tackles the basic principles of Christian Morality as enunciated in the documents of the Second Vatican Council and its concrete situation in...