Christian Beliefs

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1st Summary Christian Beliefs

The first four chapters in Christian Beliefs, gives us a brief description on What is the Bible, What is God like, What is the Trinity, and What is Creation. Reading these chapters it has giving me a little more insight on what is to be a Christian, and a little more detail on what I have heard my whole life in church. I have attended church off and on my whole life, but I have never truly understood some of the terms and some of the meanings behind the stories I was hearing. I can tell already by reading these four chapters that I will probably learn more in this class about Christianity than I have my whole life as a "back row Baptist".

On the first chapter, What is the Bible, it explains the importance of why the Bible should be the basis for our beliefs.

It states that all words in the Bible are Gods word. It doesn't matter who is considered the author, all written was words given to them by God. If you shall disbelieve any part of the Bible, would be the same as disbelieving in God himself. It is stated that although some of the Scriptures in the Bible may be hard to understand, but as far as the "testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple" and "the unfolding "of Gods words gives light: it imparts understanding to the simple. (Pg. 16 p 3). This tells me that no matter how simple minded one might be that God's word will be understood.

Chapter 2 tells us What is God like. Although no one or nothing will ever be compared to as an equal of God, they are some attributes that he shares with us. It also...