Christian Demons

Essay by Kendab April 2004

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If you read the title of this essay carefully you might have wondered how a demon could ever be a Christian. "Demons", you might say, are evil and rebellious, while "Christians", good ones that is, are obedient and Godlike. That is why we have two different words - one word for each kind of being, otherwise we would need only one word to describe both things.

The very word "demon" by its association with the rebellion in heaven, the wild man in the tombs, the son who threw himself repeatedly to the ground, and the beings who shouted "My name is Legion, for we are many!" means an enemy of God. It was demons which constantly opposed the Lord Jesus throughout his ministry, twisting people's hearts and contradicting the words of the Master.

So how can there ever be such a thing as a Christian demon? Am I suggesting that some demons become Christians? Not at all, but I am proposing that demons often practise the dramatic arts, and instead of a stage in a theatre, they use everyday life, and turn on such an act as to fool and bewilder all but the most discerning.

Demons know how to dress up as Christians, and speak, act and even teach like Christians, yet their aim is to destroy the Christian faith.


One example of this kind of thing is the theology student who goes right through training and comes out with a sheet of paper which qualifies him or her to lead a fellowship - and from the pulpit this representative of God teaches evolution, humanism, compromise with the world, and a whole bag of false doctrines.

Another example is the rock group which takes on Christianity, and then portrays Christ as a rock musician, complete with long hair,