Christian Ethics

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Richard T. Galera June 26, 2014

Rev. Fr. Ramses OÑez Christian Ethics

Christ the Model of Goodness

The idea of good is empty without the prototype of it. It remains ideal with no actualization. Even philosophers present a scheme about what is good. Thus, their ideas are what we coin as ethics. Conversely, the dilemma now is that ethics becomes the substitute of religion. Religion now is reduced to a mere stance of belief.

The best example of this is the ethical lineage from the era of modern philosophy-the Moral Principle of Immanuel Kant. According to this prominent philosopher, when you do good not because of any condition like that of religion, not because you are afraid of God, not because of the demand of the society, but because it is your responsibility to do good. There must be no stipulation, do it as it is. It is somehow very influential notion, yet very dangerous.

As Christian, it is impossible for me to do goodness by myself alone. Every time I go to meditation, I cannot deny the two poles within me. There is pole that furnishes arrogance, greed, covetousness, excess, distrust, insecurity and negative sentiments. The other is what makes fulfill the meaning of myself, the virtues. The latter is the strength which I trail from Jesus as my model. I know that the teaching which I follow from my earliest youthfulness has something to do with it, thus it is not my own venture. It is a gift that is given to me from my parents, from the society, from religion, most especially from Jesus Christ. To reject this is somehow awkward to my existence. Thus, Kant is the most awkward person that I have ever known. His ethical claim is very odd and atheistic.

The presence...