Christian Family Values

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I keep wondering about these "family values " and the idea that there was a time when families had more or better values than families have today. There seems to be a consensus among the fundamentalists that if we could just get back to those values, all of our problems would be solved. I have heard that as a "Christian nation," we are in deep trouble because our families are missing certain critical values, i.e., Christian values.

I wonder what these Christian values are and where I can acquire them. I look at my family and see a lot of love and respect for each other. I see compassion, honesty, trust, and nurturing. I think of my mother and how she cared for me when I was sick, listened to me when I told her my problems, and loved me even when I didn't clean my room. All of those things seem to be show that we have good values, but I am an atheist, so I cannot possibly have Christian values. If compassion, love, honesty, trust, respect and nurturing are not Christian values, what are Christian values?

My first thought, of course, was to look in the Bible. If we lack Christian values, then the Bible would be the only true source for finding them. After all, the Bible has been used for thousands of years as a "guide for better living." Before the Christian, sequel - The New Testament - there was the Old Testament. Now, some Christians will argue that you cannot use the Old Testament because Jesus said he came to replace the old laws, however, this is not true because the New Testament states that Jesus himself said he came to uphold the old laws. In addition, if Christians...