Christian imagery in Peter Weir's 'The Truman Show'

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There are numerous biblical parallels in Peter Weir's 'The Truman Show'. In 'The Truman Show', Christof described the TV show as something that 'gives hope, joy and inspiration to millions'. The same can be said for the bible. The parallels can be seen even from the beginning of the movie, when Truman sees the light from the sky and begins to see the truth.

Seahaven can be likened unto the Garden of Eden. Truman can be seen as Adam and Sylvia can be seen as Eve. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents the truth. In the bible, Eve convinced Adam to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In the film, Sylvia starts to make Truman see the truth. In the Truman show, Christof (who parallels God) banishes her from 'Eden'. In the end, Truman finds the truth and leaves paradise to join her.

The main difference is that Adam was forced to leave the Garden of Eden whereas Truman willingly left Seahaven.

Christof, the creator of the Truman show can be seen as God. There are some hints in the movie that imply that Christof is like God. The idea is depicted at the end of the film when Christof speaks to Truman through a cloud with a ray of light shining through. Christof created a 'perfect' world for Truman to live in. He can see everything everyone is doing. He even has complete control over the weather in Seahaven. He has the power to eliminate those who disobey his orders (like Sylvia). He even has control over life and death of the characters of Seahaven. He lives up in the sky and watches over his creations. However, Christof does not posses the qualities of...