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1.0 Introduction:In this paper, I analyze one piece of contemporary Christian painting. This picture triggers different interpretations between the designer and the viewer based on aspects of culture, age, educational background, religious beliefs and social environment and so on. In the end, I would conclude whether the designer was successful in conveying her message through her painting to the viewer.

1.1 Methodologies I would use in this essay•Iconology•Formalism•Art history1.2 Function of Christian artChristian art are known as a collection of 'talking books' which deliver pictorial messages for the illiterate. They describe difficult concepts and restructure Christian ideology through art pieces. Christian art is also called a "Window to Heaven" - a conduit whereby humans can enter a new creation and the holy world of god. The understanding and acceptance of these religious beliefs can help guide our lives, enrich and inspire one's mental thoughts. For children I suppose, Christian art can also serve educational purposes in Christian schools.

1.3 History of Christian artChristian art began as early as the 3rd century where it was used as designs on catacombs of Rome. These paintings illustrate the images of Jesus and his life stories from the Old Testament. Then, as Christian art progressed to the Middle ages- dating back from 600 AD to 1350 AD- they are characterized by the use of vibrant colors. These gargantuan art pieces serve to beautify churches for the worshippers. During the Renaissance period, Christian art have developed more significantly. They have developed realism in the arts and are produced on a mass scale. Nevertheless, these art pieces were authorized by Christian churches. As the Catholic Reformation took place in the 16th century, Christian art focused more on the light and shades of the painting rather than vibrant colors and detailed representation. These calm colors...